Gay Myths

One of my favourite things is when people say they don’t believe in people being gay. Like we don’t have proof that it exists. Like it’s a myth or something.

Saying you don’t believe in gay people isn’t like saying that you don’t believe in aliens where someone could reasonably go “Yeah you might be right about that”. Gay people are at least 5% of the world population. Saying you don’t believe in gay people is like saying you don’t believe in Nigerians. Sure, ones a little easier to figure out but besides that it’s kind of the same thing. You don’t have to go to Nigeria to believe it exists!

If you watch porn and you say you don’t believe in gay people then you’re just straight up lying because the gay category on Pornhub is alphabetically near the top. Sure you might not have clicked it but we’ve all seen the gif..

If you don’t watch porn and you’re super religious then think of it this way. If you can believe that some hippie dude turned water to wine 2000 years ago, is it really that hard to believe that two dudes might like going down on each other?